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Elevator Modernization

Here are a few samples of our completed engineering for elevator modernization projects.  Click on the image or the text to open a page associated with that project:

The Essex Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Major alteration of 19-teens Otis basement winding drum passenger elevator.  New Hollister Whitney #44 basement O.D. machine, MCE controls, E/V sling, platform & cab and Adams fixtures.
The Chew Building, San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  Otis Elevator Co., Inc.   
Major alteration of 1920 Otis overhead winding drum corner-post.  Lowered the machine room a landing. New Hollister Whitney #54 machine, GEM controls, sling, platform & cab and fixtures.
  Cartwright Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  Empire Elevator Co., Inc.
Major alteration of 1913 Otis bsmt. winding drum, 10 story passenger elevator.  New Hollister Whitney #54 O.D. bsmt. machine, counterweight, sling & platform, safeties, governors, seismic reinforced guiderails, GAL door equip, MCE controls, cab & fixtures. 
1904 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  Western State Elevator Co., Inc.
Major alteration of 1923 Spencer duplex, 350 FPM, 10 story, overhead traction.  New Northern Elevator Co., Ltd. machines, controls, door equip, slings & platforms, safeties, governors, cabs & fixtures. 
291 Geary St., San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  Schindler Elevator Co., Inc.
Alteration of an Otis duplex to add rear openings to car #1, requiring relocating the counterweight to the side, a new rail stack, modifying the platform and cab. 
Mills Building, San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  KONE, Inc.
Building alteration to provide a permanent and service removable barrier and catwalk to an existing mid-flight counter-weight hoistway access hall. 




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